Charlas Plenarias

Jacob Kaplan-Moss

Jacob Kaplan-Moss is one of the lead developers of Django. At his day job, he's a software architect for Whiskey Media, one of those newfangled Web One-Point-Oh companies you've read so much about. A good deal of Jacob's work time is devoted to working on Django. Jacob previously worked for the Lawrence Journal-World, a locally-owned newspaper in Lawrence, KS where Django was developed. At the Journal-World Jacob was the lead developer of Ellington, a commercial web publishing platform for media companies.

State of Django

Django is a high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design.

Django 1.0 was released in September 2008. This release marks a major turning point in Django's development; a real maturation of the project. Join the lead developers of Django as they discuss what's new in Django 1.0, cover the Django 1.1 release (currently scheduled for a few weeks before PyCon), and discuss the project's future.

Collin Winter

Collin Winter is a Python core developer, primarily working on Python 3 and the 2to3 source translation tool. He currently lives in San Francisco and works for Google where -- when he's not searching for lost cell phones in the Building 42 Ball Pit -- he works on internal engineering tools and improving developer testing.

Unladen Swallow

An optimization branch of CPython, intended to be fully compatible and significantly faster.

We want to make Python faster, but we also want to make it easy for large, well-established applications to switch to Unladen Swallow.

  1. Produce a version of Python at least 5x faster than CPython.
  2. Python application performance should be stable.
  3. Maintain source-level compatibility with CPython applications.
  4. Maintain source-level compatibility with CPython extension modules.
  5. We do not want to maintain a Python implementation forever; we view our work as a branch, not a fork.

Acerca de Charlas Plenarias

Conferencia Nacional de Python el Septiembre de 2009 en Buenos Aires (organizado por miembros de PyAr).
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