The poster session provides another way of presenting that encourages more one-on-one communication between the presenter and the audience. Poster sessions are particularly suited for topics of interest to a subset of the community, and we anticipate these sessions will provide an "incubator" for further discussions.

What is a Poster?

A poster is a A2 DIN476 / ISO 216 (420 × 594 mm int'l paper size) graphical summary of the key points about your project which forms the starting point for a brief and interactive presentation to interested viewers.

Important: Posters will be printed by the conference organization. Please submit them before September 12th, 2012.

Creating your Poster

A poster should be more than just some slides tacked onto a board. You want to call attention to a few key points which you can expand upon in your presentation and which might inspire questions from your viewers. Whether you use graphics, text, or some combination, things should be easily visible from several feet away. For a good sketch of how to construct a poster presentation, refer to this summary.

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