Financial Aid

The Python Argentina Users Group is pleased to announce that there is an expanded set of grants to help people attend PyCon Argentina 2012. If you would like to come to PyCon but can't afford it, the PyAr may be able to help you.


Please consider your needs carefully. PyCon financial aid can be used to help with only 3 sorts of costs, usually in this order:

1. Registration

Registration is the easiest for PyAr to provide and therefore, it should be the first thing you ask for help with. If you receive any aid, it should start with registration assistance.

As attendance is free of chargee (so registration costs are optional), this help will be reserved to speakers and volunteers only.

2. Lodging costs

Ask for help with your hotel stay next. PyCon should get some complimentary rooms from the conference hotel, which we can apply to financial aid.

3. Transportation (flight etc.).

Ask for help with transportation last, as there are no shortcuts here. No other costs (food, tutorials, etc.) can be covered by financial aid awards and all expenses MUST be documented for reimbursement to be made.


For your application to be complete, you must complete each of the fields:

  • Registration Amount: Please include the amount you want for registration, to a maximum equal to the amount for early-bird registration for your registration type ($150 ARS) In almost all cases, if you're going to request any aid you should start with registration as we can handle this without reimbursement, so it's easier for you and easier for PyCon volunteers.
  • Hotel Nights: State the number of nights for which you are requesting assistance.
  • Total Lodging Amount: For financial aid purposes, room sharing is assumed; a maximum of 50% of the full room rate can be requested per person. You are encouraged to find someone (or two or three) to share a room with, to reduce the the cost and there Room rate.
  • Roommate: If you're sharing a room with another attendee, please list their name(s). If this changes, update your application
  • Transportation Details: Please state how you'll be traveling to PyCon and describe any unique circumstances that will impact your travel expenses.
  • Transportation Amount: If you want assistance with your transportation costs, please provide a rough estimate (to the nearest ARS$100) of how much a round-trip will cost. Please update your request as soon as the final cost is known.
  • Total Amount Requested: This should be the total of the pesos-amounts you entered above. Use it to double-check your expenses and to consider how much you're requesting. PyCon has a limited financial aid budget so we ask all applicants to consider their needs carefully and work with us to help provide the most number of people with the chance to make it to the conference.
  • Minimum Amount Requested: state the minimum amount of aid you require, below which you will not be able to attend PyCon. If we are unable to allocate this minimum amount, we will decline your application and allocate the funds to others. Again, please work with us so that we can help stretch the budget as much as is possible!
  • Rationale: State why you should come to PyCon, and what you will be doing. We don't need an essay, but please provide a few sentences of explanation. Priority will be given to people who make significant contributions to PyCon and the Python community (e.g. students working on a task, conference speakers, sprint leaders, developers critical to a sprint, super-enthusiastic sprint newbies who will give 110% for their project, or people doing public service work with Python). You must not exceed 400 words.

Final Notes:

Please read these instructions BEFORE submitting your application at

NOTE: all financial amounts must be in ARS Pesos. Reimbursements will be made in ARS Pesos as well. If you do not need funding for any of these items, please enter '0' for the requested amount field. Applications that are not complete may not be considered, so please be thorough, though you may update your application up until the application deadline.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to sponsor travel and lodging for those who live within 3 hours of the venue in Buenos Aires

Be aware that our budget is limited to Argentina and nearby countries.

Eligible applicationts will receive a maximum of $ 1500 pesos (ARS). Do not wait to apply, applications will be analysed in a rolling-basis, the first applicants will be given priority.

If you have any questions, email to the Financial Aid Coordinator: Facundo Batista or

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